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Based in Zetland NSW, our expertise offers you personal training with a difference!  Indoor and outdoor PT covering the Eastern suburbs & Sydney.

Your trainer Secelea Rose has over 15 years experience across 5 countries and a multitude of certifications.  She has in depth knowledge and expertise in many genres of training including various forms of Resistance, Cardiovascular & Specialised Pilates training.

Packages Include

Goal & health history assessment

Nutritional & lifestyle advise

Personalised 45 minute sessions


1 on 1 Private PT


6 Sessions  $360 ($60 ea)

12 Sessions  $600 ($50 ea)


Need to be motivated to achieve real results?   Start your personalised program today and maximise  your results!


2 on 1 Private PT


6 Sessions  $540 ($90 ea)

12 Sessions  $960 ($80 ea)


Bring a friend and not only enjoy a reduced rate, but benefit from some competition and help each other achieve better results.


3 to 6 Private PT


6 Sessions  $720 ($120 ea)

12 Sessions $1200 ($100 ea)


Organise your own small group and benefit from Secelea’s extensive group training experience. Fixed price sessions for groups of up to 6.

*The above pricing and inclusions are based on personal training in approved locations within Zetland NSW.  Passes purchased are valid for up to 12 weeks from your first PT session.

Optional Extras

Gym access for sessions

Choice of location / suburb

Large private group training

Detailed initial consultation

Fitness assessment & analysis

Body analysis reports

Client Reviews

    5 star review  All sessions, either fitness or pilates, are amazing! Each week Secelea diversifies her trainings and somehow makes them even more challenging - the good thing is that she gives you different levels for the same execise, so if you are just starting or if you want to challenge yourself, there is always an option for you to pick. I have increased my fitness level a lot since I started doing it, and it feels great to start my weekend with one of her amazing trainings. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Raquel Bortoletto

    5 star review  Absolutely love your Pilates class! I'm a regular and now so is my husband. See you next week!

    thumb Rita Neoklis

    5 star review  I can definitely say she is the best trainer I EVER met I loved training with her, so positive, motivating and determined!

    thumb Kadri Siimon

    5 star review  Have just finished get rawfit class had so much fun love it makes me feel alive! and getting slimmer, nicer and sexier every single class thank you

    thumb Adrianna Ostrowicka

    5 star review  Secelea is a Best teacher so far I know. She trained me in Japan and I felt fabulous weight loss and enjoyed interesting exercise package so I never got bored. Highly recommended!

    thumb Monia Dv

    5 star review  Finally getting around to posting a review! My husband and I love SR Fitness's classes in Centennial Park. Great cardio session followed by mat pilates. Secelea really motivates you to work to your limits and gives plenty of options regardless of your fitness level. Her classes are a perfect start to the weekend. We'll be back in the New Year for more! Thank you Secelea!

    thumb Rhian Thomas

    5 star review  Love it! Hot at the moment out there, but what the hell. Let's kill it out there people! SR Raw Fit, great mix of cardio, core and strength.

    thumb Sophia Romano

    5 star review  I've been in the Raw fitness clases for over 4 months. I love the clases they are different all the times. Train with more people also gives me more motivation to push myself harder. I can also train with my friends and my boyfriend. I will keep doing the classes this year in centennial park on Saturdays and at lunch break in darling harbour with other colleges !

    thumb Maria Jurado

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