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Group Classes

Personal goal setting & on-going support We will layout an easy to follow plan based on your fitness goals and make you accountable as we guide and support you to reaching your goals.

No joining fees & No lock in contracts Pay as you go or sign up to a plan that suits you. Should you decide to cancel a plan, we only need 1 weeks notice

Rollover un-used sessions or make up missed classes As part of our personalised service, talk to us about the things that matter. We’ve got your back!

Get outdoors & get results Increase mental stimulation, get your natural vitamin D hit and boost your happy hormones!

Workout with your partner & get motivated We all know that working out with your partner has huge benefits. Our Rawfit Couples class takes this concept to a whole new level.

Get access to all locations & all classes You may of joined for your twice a week morning cardio hit, but why not try our Power Pilates or Rawfit Couples classes?

Yes, all of our packs can be shared with anyone who meets our guidelines, and agrees with our Terms & Conditions.

When making a reservation, you are given the option of booking for “yourself” or booking for “someone else”.  Simply check the “someone else” option and follow the prompts.

Please Note that customers booked into a class using this facility will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire and agree to our terms & conditions, so need to arrive 10 mins before the beginning of their booked session.

With any of our packs including Early Bird and Intro offers, any un-used sessions can be rolled over onto a new pack under the following conditions.

a) A new pack for the same service is purchased within 4 weeks.

b) A request is made to roll over un-used sessions before the conclusion of your new pack. Simply call or SMS Chris on 0415 692 55 after you have purchased your new pack.

For customers on weekly plans, missed classes can be made up the following week however are lost thereafter.  Simply call or SMS Chris on 0415 692 55 to manually book you in as our system will not allow an extra booking.

All single passes, packs and promotional offers expire in 6 months from the date of purchase.

Valid periods shown on packs apply from the date of the first class used in the pack you have purchased, NOT from date of purchase.

For your piece of mind and personal security, all transactions are managed by Ezidebit on a secured site.  SR Rawfitness do not have access or retain your card details.

Customers on a weekly plan will be charged two weeks in advance at time of sign up. A re-occurring charge, beginning 2 weeks from your start date, will be debited from your nominated card on a fortnightly basis.

Yes, irrespective of whether you are attending a free class, using a pack or are on a weekly plan, you need to reserve your spot in the classes you wish to attend.

Once you have registered it is possible to manage all your bookings quickly and easily on most devices including iPhone and android smart phones.

For your convenience, our payment system for weekly plans has been set up in two week blocks.  Booking classes in advance on any of our plans is therefore limited to a maximum of 2 weeks from your start date and/or 2 weeks from the start of your billing cycle.

Pausing / freezing your membership is allowed for periods of 2 weeks or more at any time, at no charge. We require a minimum of 1 weeks notice before your next scheduled fortnightly instalment.

In addition, SR Rawfitness does not normally run group PT classes between Christmas and New Years and is closed for an additional 4 weeks every year, normally between July and August. During these periods, you will not be charged. You be notified of any SR Rawfitness closures and will automatically freeze your account.

Cancellations require a minimum of 1 weeks notice before your next scheduled fortnightly instalment.

This allows adequate time for SR Rawfitness to process your request and cancel your scheduled direct debit.

Requests for cancelling a plan must be sent via our contact form below or emailed to info@SRrawfitness.com.au.

With many companies offering outdoor group training these days, we stand out in offering a complete personalised approach normally reserved for 1 on 1 private PT.

Please refer to “What are the benefits of joining your group PT classes?” in this section for the key benefits of training with us.

Given that we have several locations, we have compiled all the need to know info for each of them within the location pages.

Information such as timetables, meeting points, maps and nearby facilities can be found there.  Our complete schedule of classes for all locations can be seen when pressing the book class button.

Simply go to locations for more info!

No, irrespective of whether you are attending a free class, using a pack or are on a weekly plan, you need to reserve your spot in the classes you wish to attend.

Once you have registered it is possible to manage all your bookings quickly and easily on most devices including iPhone and android smart phones.

Yes, as part of our terms and conditions and in order to keep available spots open to other clients, we require any cancellations be made at least 24hrs before your scheduled class.

Bookings can quickly & easily be cancelled in “My Info / My Schedule” when you are logged in to your account.

We realise that unforeseeable circumstances can arise, however our aim is to keep it fair for all clients wanting to attend our classes.

The purpose of our classes is to help you get fit and motivate you.

Our classes are designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.  Our trainer will give you various options for most exercises so that you can go at your own pace.

We also encourage you to use your judgment and take a break if you feel you need to.

We recommend light, comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement together with sports shoes.

As we are training in an uncontrolled environment, although all care is taken, we cannot guarantee that you won’t step on any hazards. For this reason in particular, unless specified, all clients are required to wear appropriate shoes.

(Shoes are not required for our pilates classes as well as our beach training)

During extreme weather conditions, we may decide to cancel a class. Should we decide to cancel a class, an email notification will be sent 1-3 hours before class start time.

NOTE: Customers who have un-checked the “Subscribe to email reminders & notifications” box at time of registration will NOT receive an email.

You can update your account in my info to receive email reminders and notifications

We do not recommend our training sessions to clients who have any medical condition that would prevent their full participation of our classes.

If you are uncertain, for your own safety, we strongly suggest you seek professional medical advice before attempting any exercise program.

Fit 2 Flirt

Not at all.  As the name suggests, you need to be fit to flirt!  Meaning “single and ready to mingle”. Our goal is to connect people who lead an active lifestyle and are looking to meet somebody with similar interests.

Whether you lead a busy lifestyle that keeps you moving, enjoy getting outdoors or love working out, this constitutes as an active lifestyle, so come along and meet others like you!

Lets face it, who wants to go to a singles event and feel that everyone else is either too old or too young? In order for our events to remain relevant to our guests, all events are age specific, however if you happen to be only a few years out of the age range this will not be an issue.

Unless it’s one of our themed events, we recommend smart casual.  Most importantly, something you feel comfortable and confident in that reflects your personality.  Think of it as a first date where you want to make a good first impression.

We understand that personal commitments & circumstances can change, however a full refund is only possible in certain circumstances.

Singles Parties

Due to our commitments and costs associated, no refunds apply to these events. Tickets can however be transferred to a friend that falls within the specified age range.

Matched Dating Events

Simply email us at info@srrawfitness.com.au at least 14 days prior to the event and we’ll arrange a full refund.

Within 14 days we will do our best to transfer your booking to another event, however do not offer a refund.

Guests who do not give at least 48 hours notice or simply do not show up are not offered a transfer or refund. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions.

It is understandable that you may feel nervous if its your first singles event and your not alone.  The point of our events however is to get you out of your normal comfort zone and give you an amazing experience!  Our staff will be helpful, friendly and understanding ensuring that its memorable for all.

If your still unsure, bringing a single friend allows you to give each other mutual support and you can enjoy our events together.

Depending on the event, the numbers will differ greatly.  Our matched dating events are designed to be intimate so are limited to around 30 guests, whereas our singles parties will vary from 60 to 250 guests depending on the venue.

With all events, we also manage the mix of men and women by limiting the numbers of each gender to get the desired mix of both.

Real people who are like you or me.  In todays society most of us lead a busy life and don’t normally meet too many new people outside work, so singles events make a lot of sense.  Whatever your reason is for booking, remember everyone attending is just like you, single and ready to connect with other singles.

    Additional faq’s for matched dating 

With everything including dating going online these days, the power of face to face contact can sometimes be overlooked.  Unlike online dating, you could meet up to 17 possible matches face to face in only one of our matched dating events!

Sound a bit like speed dating? Although similar in that respect, there’s no pressure or “interview style” mini dates that speed dating is commonly known for.

Our matched dating events are all about connecting active singles in a fun comfortable environment.  You will still meet each possible match individually, however your encounters will be fun and relaxed.  Its a fast, safe and incredibly fun way to meet your perfect match.

Throughout the event you will meet and spend time with each and every possible match.

You will be given a “Crush Card” to note down who you felt a connection with or would like to see again.  If you tick yes to someone who has also ticked yes to you, you have a match!

All matches complete with contact info, are sent out via email within 24 hrs of the event finishing.  If you do not have internet access, we will ring or SMS your results.

The only details we pass on are your first name and either your phone number or email address depending on your preference.

At no time will we share your details with anyone other than the people you have selected.

We believe the right number of people at an event is key to it’s success.  Too many and you can’t meet them all, too few and it becomes a pointless exercise.

Our matched dating events are intimate, but not too small.  You will normally meet around 10-15 possible matches, ensuring a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

We do our best to get an even balance of men and women for each matched dating event. For this reason alone, you can not attend unless you have reserved your spot in advance.

Still need help?

Whether you’ve got a question about our events, one of our services, or you would like to leave feedback on how we can improve what we do, we’d love to hear from you!  Call me personally, or send a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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